Our laboratory is the beating heart of our company

Our laboratory is the beating heart of our company: it’s here that our ideas are thoroughly researched, developed and tested.
Here our dreams become formulas, dosages, samples and analyses, before going into production.
It is in this space that we work to make our products more effective while reducing their environmental impact. Here, we study new applications, test results and shape the future.
We are happy and proud to be able to share, with you and with other companies, our experience in creating and producing ever less polluting and ever safer organic and eco-friendly cosmetics and detergents.

How we research our cosmetics

The pillars of our cosmetics product innovation process are creativity, safety and efficacy. The process is a complex one, involving various professionals that contribute to conceptualization, development, production and, finally, distribution. To meet the needs of the skin and the desire for well-being: these are the goals behind our formulas, so that our cosmetics are truly “SKIN FRIENDS”!

How we test our formulas

Once the cosmetic product is formulated, it is then thoroughly tested in-house to assess its stability and effectiveness. Stability tests are carried out hot, in an oven, and cold, to ensure that the product will not change or deteriorate over time. Then, we are the first effective testers of our products! We try our formulas directly on ourselves, involving all of our own staff, as well as some external volunteers. After testing and any modifications to the original formula, if we like and approve the product, we perform further technical tests, including a Challenge Test to verify the microbiological stability of the cosmetic over time, a Nickel Test to verify nickel content, and a Patch Test to check for any allergies regarding creams.

How we make our “SKIN FRIENDS”

Everything in our laboratory is created by a craft process, aided by cutting-edge machinery. We also take care of the packaging in-house with an automatic production line and semi-automatic bottlers and labellers.

Curious about our products and our company?

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