Our constant search for natural, effective and pleasing formulations leads us to create preparations that are increasingly respectful of the skin and the environment. We want to share our know-how with those who, like us, believe that we can do business in a sustainable way and that we can offer our customers healthy products that DO WELL!
  • What about an ecological and safe detergent for your coffee machines?

    Are you a manufacturer of coffee machines and would you like to offer your customers an ecological, safe and certified detergent? tell us what you want to achieve, we’ll study it, formulate it, test it and produce it with your name.

  • What about a clean and sustainable memorial business gift?

    Does your company celebrate its first 50 years and you want to reflect its clean and respectful reputation in a gift that brings some moments of wellness to your customers instead of some miserable plastic polluting gadget? We can suggest you a beautiful personalized candle that brings light and harmony!

  • What about a delicate, organic and certified soap for guests of your SPA?

    There is nothing better than offering your customers a line of cosmetics so pleasant and natural to represent the best care, respect and attention that you give to your guests. If you have characterized your activity with sweetness or dynamism, we will know how to interpret and transmit these features in the line of products studied, formulated and produced just for you.

  • No idea is exaggerated and no project is impossible

    Take care of your customers and your products, broaden your horizons and your proposals, enrich and develop your offer … we will work with passion and expertise to help you to achieve your goals with personalized, ecological, effective and safe products, always welcome especially in the food and personal care sectors.

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nice to meet you, ALLEGRO NATURA!

We are a growing company, with a particular focus on the future of our planet. Our mission is to change the common opinion on ecological and natural products: we have achieved such satisfying results that it would be a shame to keep them only for us.

our philosophy

It is important for us to do to others what we would like to do to us – both personally and professionally. That’s why each of our products is, first of all, what we would like for ourselves, for our loved ones and for our world. Find out how we do it.

near to you

We are Italians and we produce in Italy, we are a group of concrete dreamers and we invite you to share our idea of a better life: you will be welcome to our showroom, on our blog, welcome guests on our Facebook page …
to be together at all times.…