Hygiene, Wellness and Cuddles Allegro Natura!

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Face line


Face line

Allegro Natura face line is unique for its essential and innovative bio cosmetics formulas of new generation.
Thanks to a specific research and selection of high quality ingredients, from our territory and certified supply chains, we are proud to present a complete skin care line for all skin types

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Hair line


Hair care

ALLEGRO NATURA Ecological Cosmetics, they are environmentally conscious, high quality and highly effective products. They are AIAB and VEGAN certified and are approved by LAV. An organic and certified line, another step forward for increasingly ecological products!

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Body line


Body care

We have chosen to produce a cosmetic line with cutting-edge raw materials, very high biodegradability and exclusively vegetable-based ingredients, with great attention paid to the search for increasingly greener and less polluting products.

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Vegetable candles



The passion for aromatic candles and the desire to breathe only natural and healthy things without synthetic products, has pushed us to create our Bio-candles. Made by hand, using only natural ingredients: rapeseed wax, rough cotton wick and the best selection of organic essential oils.

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Le Coccole


Oils and Butters

Wellness and body care according to Nature... these are the "cuddles" of Allegro Natura
Vegetable oils and butters perfect for massages or to be added to "homemade" cosmetic preparations. Absolutely pure and extracted from plants cultivated according to the organic method.

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The Essentials


Essential oils

The Essentials are a complete range of 100% pure essential oils extracted exclusively by steam distillation. Always looking for the best Organic Oils for our detergents, we wanted to share with our customers the quality and wonderful properties of these concentrated benefits of nature.

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Laundry line


Ecological detergents

Washing the fabrics gently, carefully and with the certainty to be in harmony with nature, without sacrificing the pleasure of the natural fragrances of organic essential oils added to our products.

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Home line


Ecological detergents

Clean the house keeping the world clean, this is our mission and for this reason we have created a line of essential, ecological, effective and sweet cleaning also for the people who use these products ... without giving up the pleasure of the natural fragrances that pamper us during the housework.

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We are a growing company, with a particular focus on the future of our planet. Our mission is to change the common opinion on ecological and natural products: we have achieved such satisfying results that it would be a shame to keep them only for us.


It is important for us to do to others what we would like to do to us – both personally and professionally. That’s why each of our products is, first of all, what we would like for ourselves, for our loved ones and for our world. Find out how we do it.


We are Italians and we produce in Italy, we are a group of concrete dreamers and we invite you to share our idea of a better life: you will be welcome to our showroom, on our blog, welcome guests on our Facebook page…
to be together at all times.