Hind Lafram linea capelli

The new Hind Lafram line: hair tells the universal beauty

If she was a fabric se would be a Tweed Chanel, if she was a word she would be “vision”, but with a dose of practical spirit. And if Hind Lafram was a cosmetic product? “My pre-cover fluid, for sure! I love it”.

Hind is the twenty-five years old that you don’t expect to find, sitting at a bar table, while tells about her fasting in Ramadan period: the waitress is from Albania and in a flash we find ourselves talking about the points in common between the various cultures of the world.

Her story is known throughout the country, starting from the web to TV and journals: Hind arrives in Italy when she was a baby from Morocco, with seamtress mom’s help starts to sew dresses for her Barbies and she falls in love with the sewing machine.

In high school period makes her firts important decisions: she wants to become a fashion designer and chooses to wear the muslim veil.

She wears long dresses tight at the waist to slender the figure and trousers with low crotch: the voice of a young woman that sews dresses for muslim women is known very quickly. Her Facebook page grows very fast, Hind studies all day and sews every night, until the graduation exam.

If something does not exits, create it!

 “I tried to find out the needs of women I know: in Italy there was nothing to suit their needs, so they went in France to buy new fabrics and dresses. I like to think that If something does not exits, we have to create it!

Every need makes you find a solution: so I started to sew dresses for my friends and who needed covering fabrics, but light, to be comfortable, expecially in hot season.

At the end of school, Hind has the possibility to work in an important style office in Milan, where she learns to know all fashion secrets.

Once back in Turin she registers the Hind Lafram brand and continues to sew and listen to all women needs that she knows.

 Hair tells the universal beauty of a woman.

“Think about a covered hair line made in Italy, ethic, with a sustainable production was a challenge!” says Hind, “covered hair are protected for sure, but every woman that wears veil, hats for many hours a day, feels itchy on the scalp, tired and dull hair because of the poor perspiration.  So I met Allegro Natura and that’s been love at first sight…”.

Three professional cosmetics, made with vegetable and organic ingredients: a pre-cover fluid to dose on the hair before covering, a volumizing dis-cover spray to give energy and liquid crystals, very important for well-being of our hair.

And fragrance: it’s amazing! We did a thorough research on olfactory sensations to get to create a natural enjoyable product..like a perfect tailored dress!

Hind Lafram linea capelli

The most beautiful surprise in this experience?

Hind smiles: “Make people happy and satisfied: a lady wrote to me, asking to buy the line for her husband: he’s a policeman and he has to wear hat all day!

I think of chefs, motorcyclists, women that have to wear wigs for different reasons.

I’ve already produced custom-made veils, a girl in chemotherapy wanted a special one, that it was not sad or heavy to wear.

Beauty is a universal concept, that joins people all over the world: women needs are my mission, to continue to give my concrete contribution to society and to the world”.

Discover all products of Hind Lafram hair line, dedicated to who wears veils and headdress! Three products for universal beauty, freedom and elegance beyond every border.