“I want to change the world!”said the young Valerio Allegro in February 2008

That was how the small company Allegro Natura was born with the idea of creating ecological products never ever tested on animals …
It was much before that European law established it by law.
It seems to be the beginning of a fairy tale, because since 2008 many things have changed, always in the best and they are going on improving!
Changing the world is the motto of dreamers, but we do not forget it even while growing: our commitment to respect nature and ecosystems is also growing, improves the effectiveness and safety of our products.
We use 100% Italian energy, 100% renewable with Zero Impact ® and natural gas, certified as LIFEGATE ENERGY. .
Our ecological footprint remains light and friendly to the planet.

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    Other brands, always Allegro Natura

    We like to create special products with a sweet personality, but we know that for the current standards of hygiene and cleaning you need detergents and cleansers effective in all conditions but we always want them to be environmentally friendly. For this reason, in addition to the Allegro Natura branded basic products, we have two very complete detergent lines capable of responding to every cleaning need.

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    Our evolved detergent line: BIOERMI

    he first line of ecological detergent created by Allegro Natura is called Bioermi, it has a complete range of products for the home and laundry, all formulated with clean, natural and effective active ingredients. The products are AIAB certified. All information, ingredients and advice for use can be found on the website www.bioermi.it. You can find Bioermi products in the ECO stores and on our online shop.

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    Our line aimed to bring everyone closer to bio-ecological cleaning: BIORO'

    Super concentrated and designed to satisfy the most demanding people in terms of cleanliness but also respect for nature. Biorò is born for all those who want the certainty of clean, the effectiveness of precise and concentrated formulations, the guarantee of ingredients that respect nature and at a low price. Biorò is entering the supermarkets so that CLEAN DETERGENCY can be within everyone’s reach.


Allegro Natura is an artisan company based in the province of Turin, which produces organic detergents and cosmetics, vegetable candles and organic essential oils.

We distribute our products shops of organic products, natural food stores, herbalists, garden centers and specialized shops, in Italy and abroad.

We are constantly looking for new raw materials, increasingly biodegradable and increasingly organic. We privilege local products and strictly control the suppliers.

In the company we have chosen to use Lifegate clean energy, obtained from renewable sources.

We have obtained the following certifications:
Guaranteed by Lav (Anti-vivisection League), we adhere to this standard since our birth in 2008. It certifies that the raw materials we use in our products are not tested on animals.
Only a few years ago, cosmetic tests on animals were forbidden, but we are proud to have joined the standard for many years before the law came into force and are certain that none of our products will ever be tested on animals.
Vegan Society , an internationally recognized association that certifies that none of our products contains ingredients or derivatives of animal origin.
Clean Detergence AIAB , Italian Association of Organic Agriculture. To obtain this certification it is necessary that the products contain 95% of ingredients of plant origin, a percentage of ingredients from organic farming and very high biodegradability. Each product must in fact respect the CVdtox spreadsheet, which calculates the percentage of biodegradability of each individual ingredient. In addition, the certification body, every year, carries out inspections in the company in order to verify the quality of the production processes and company organization.
Eco bio cosmetics AIAB , same characteristics of clean cleansing AIAB but dedicated to cosmetics. Each product must be patch tested.
– Lifegate clean energy certified zero impact. Our company uses only energy from renewable Lifegate sources.
An ecological detergent is made with surfactants of vegetable origin and a formulation with the highest possible biodegradability. It contains no surfactants of petrochemical origin or other ingredients with poor biodegradability that we find in common household detergents, such as sles, edta, optical brighteners, phosphorus, phosphates or dyes.
The biological detergent is an ecological detergent that has in addition one or more raw materials from organic farming.
We are constantly looking for new raw materials, increasingly biodegradable and plant-based. We check that the suppliers have our same philosophy and do not damage the environment in order to obtain economic or speculative advantages. We ask companies that have plantations dedicated to the production of surfactants, a declaration certifying a reforestation project in order not to cause deforestation and destruction of forests. We also check that all raw materials from organic farming are certified and controlled throughout the production process. Where possible, we visit the suppliers and agricultural companies that collaborate with us.
We follow the whole production process, from the formulation to the realization of the product, up to the bottling and labeling with modern automatic and semi-automatic production lines. We follow the production process both for detergency and body cosmetics. The wax division, which deals with the production of vegetable candles, in rapeseed and soy wax, has just born.

We are a growing company, with a particular focus on the future of our planet. Our mission is to change the common opinion on ecological and natural products: we have achieved such satisfying results that it would be a shame to keep them only for us.


It is important for us to do to others what we would like to do to us – both personally and professionally. That’s why each of our products is, first of all, what we would like for ourselves, for our loved ones and for our world. Find out how we do it.


We are Italians and we produce in Italy, we are a group of concrete dreamers and we invite you to share our idea of a better life: you will be welcome to our showroom, on our blog, welcome guests on our Facebook page …
to be together at all times.…